UNIVERSAL FIT UNI Filtered Air Box Vents

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Sold as pack of 6 filtered vents

Uni's foam Filtered Air Vents increase the amount of air to the air filter for a better air supply and improved performance. These air vents let your engine breath more without going to the extremes of removing the stock air box.

The removable foam element may be cleaned and re-oiled for years of dependable service. Uni foam Filtered Air Vents work great in a wide range of applications. In some airboxes, airflow may be improved enough that re-jetting may be required for optimum performance and engine protection.

Uni Filtered Air Vents are not meant to be primary air filter elements. They are a pre-filter designed to remove only large contaminants will improving air flow to the air filter element.

The Uni Air Vents are 1" in diameter that are inserted into holes drilled in your stock air box. (See install instructions below) If you need more air just add another filter.

With this setup you don't have the increased noise level you will with removing the airbox and using the Uni Pod Filter. However the maximum air flow is still limited by your air filter.

1. Drill a 1" hole in the airbox on a flat surface, on the "incoming" air side of the air filter
2. Push the vent into the hole until it "pops" into place.
3. When cleaning is required, remove only the foam element, leaving the plastic body in place. Clean the foam in warm soapy water, let dry and re-oil. Remove all excess filter oil before re-installing the foam.

  • Model: PU- UFV-6
  • Shipping Weight: 0.25lbs
  • Manufactured by: UNI