Galfer Stainless Front Brake lines - Three Line Kit - ZL1000

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Stainless Steel ?Front Brake ?lines for your ZL1000 !!

These Galfer lines really make a noteable difference in the performance of your Braking system.. the improvement is in braking performance is significant. as an additional benifit they really give your bike a great look too ! This is the single best thing you can do to dramatically improve your braking system. highly recomended.

Two line kits are also available

  • Galfer ??s steel braided clutch lines are made of PTFE 62 Dupont-Teflon, around which are 16 strands of steel braided cable (most companies only use 12) that allows for almost zero expansion effect when applying pressure to the brake lever.
  • All Galfer lines are coated with a clear or colored protective coat, protecting the line from the weather and the bike from scratches
  • All Galfer kits come complete with banjo bolts and washers for easy installation. Banjo bolts should never be torqued over 12 to 15 ftlbs
  • Rubber OEM hoses expand when the brake system gets hot; steel braided lines do not. They retain great lever feel and performance.
  • Most OEMs require the factory rubber lines be replaced every 3 years; Galfer lines are guaranteed for life.
  • Galfer Teflon-Stainless Steel Braided Clutch Line! ?Galfer clutch lines are available with Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Orange, Red, Smoke, platinum, white, or Yellow outer coating. please indicate your color chioce in customer notes area of check out, if no preferance is noted you will recieve a clear stainless line.

    • Model: FKOO3D293-3
    • Shipping Weight: 0.9lbs
    • Manufactured by: Galfer