About Us

Modern Classic Motorsports was created and conceived out of passion and necessity. Passion (addiction) for restoring classic high performance 1980's street bikes, in particular the Kawasaki ZL, and the necessity to locate parts required to complete the projects. As you probably know this can be a time consuming and at times difficult, frustrating process. From these experiences as Modern Classic restorer, the idea of a one stop shopping option that would allow for a simpler, and more time effective approach to restoring and modifying these Modern Classic performance street bikes was born.

Modern Classic Motorsports was launched initially as an eBay store in March of 2010, and stock was limited to a personal stock pile of mostly used parts for the Kawasaki ZL and Yamaha Vmax. This was done due to workspace in which to complete projects being limited by parts inventory, and the realization that more good could come from these items by making them available to other people who were attempting to restore their ZL.

It was at this time that the "if its not bolted on a bike, it's for sale" policy was established, and parts hording was discontinued. Items were made available and sold, the proceeds from these sales were used to fund some modifications, but most were re-invested in new inventory. From money derived by used parts sales we began to seek out and stock new product options in order to better assist customers and to attempt to keep the store growing. The decision was made rather than to cash out the parts, to utilize them as the seed money necessary to start Modern Classic Motorsports.

If you have, or are currently restoring an older street bike you are probably all too aware that parts and support can be very limited. Most sellers are only interested in supporting motorcycle lines with a huge customer base. Often times manufacturers choose to discontinue products for these bikes altogether leaving the Modern Classic owner with few, if any options at all.

At Modern Classic Motorsports we seek to fill that void and offer customer support where others will not. It is our desire to continue to grow our offerings to include additional Modern Classic street bikes which will include the ZL, Vmax, KZ, early generation ZX, Gs, Magna, and other Modern Classic high performance street bikes. As Modern Classic Motorsports grows we will seek to include some Modern "urban destroyer" street bikes that are destined to become classics in time as well. Some examples are the mean streak, warrior, v-rod, m109, B-king, and others. It is believed that by combining these under served niche markets we may create a strong customer base, and a unique service option.

Modern Classic Motorsports is not a mega-corp operation, we have no investors, no board of directors, and we were not started by big financiers putting a million + dollars on the table to get things off the ground. We are a business created out of the love of Modern Classic motorcycle restoration and a passion for motorcycles in general. Our strengths are founded in providing support to those that the corporate giants ignore, and in great customer service.

We hope that you will choose Modern Classic Motorsports as your "go to guy" when you are in need of assistance in your restoration projects, or in modifying and maintaining your modern monster as well.