zl1000 polished rims

Welcome to the Modern Classic Motorsports Kawasaki OEM Parts pages.  We offer everything Mama Kaw makes for your Kawasaki motorcycle !! We can also provide your OEM parts for other bikes as well.  In order provide our customers a complete parts resource for OEM parts availablility we provide access to parts micro fiche and MCM parts quote request form here

                   Micro fiche Click Here

                     Parts request form Click Here

How it works-- there are two links provided, one is for the Kawasaki parts micro fiche, the other will take you to the MCM-OEM parts quote request form. Please click on, and open both, they will open in separate windows. Then look up the parts you need with the provided micro fiche resource and enter your contact and parts request information into the MCM form, this makes it easier for you to transfer part #s. Find your parts & cut copy paste to the MCM parts request form. When you have completed the form please click on submit, an email will be automatically generated for you, and will be sent to Modern Classic Motorsports. Parts cost and availablility will be detrermined and you will recieve a response form us providing you with the cost, availability and payment information you will need to complete your transaction.

In order to provide our customers with a complete OEM parts resouce without throwing the insane amount of money the big boys do at this part of the MCM site it was necessary to think outside the box and to inlist the help of several ZL-OA techno-savy members. With the input of these folks this part of our site evolved in several incarnations and finally we were able to come up with a working solution to providing YOU with a complete OEM parts resource at Modern Classic Motorsports!

We hope to eventually be able to impliment a point and click OEM parts invintory feature to our site in the future like the Big Boys have, however the costs associated with that option are literally staggering. The system we have created will allow for the same services to be provided while remaining simple to use and convienient for our customers.

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