Mean Streak

What separates this Kawasaki cruiser from the masses is nimble handling with excellent high-speed stability. Featuring sportbike-style 43mm inverted forks and a reinforced swingarm with dual air-assisted hydraulic shocks, the Mean Streak suspension components permit spirited maneuvering yet with sufficient plushness to deliver the smooth journey demanded by cruiser riders. The Mean Streak’s bag of tricks also includes excellent stopping power, courtesy of its dual radial-mount front disc brakes and four-piston calipers

The Vulcan® 1600 Mean Streak® isn’t your everyday cruiser. Kawasaki designed it with enough attitude not just survive the mean streets of the city but conquer them with torque, acceleration, and handling. Go ahead and take a closer look. There’s more to the Mean Streak cruiser than just its good looks that garner admiring glances from other riders.